SilencerCo – Suppressor Pistons

The Osprey, Octane & Hybrid family of suppressors have pistons that are easily changed for different host weapons or subcalibers. Pistons are constructed from 17-4 stainless steel and then heat treated for maximum durability. The piston is part of the Nielsen device that moves and allows semi-automatic cycling, but it also contains the female threads that attach to the muzzle of the host pistol or sub-gun. These pistons are easily interchangeable for compatibility with all relevant host guns and can be changed out to be compatible with subcaliber host guns, which means you can shoot smaller caliber rounds through the same suppressor, making it a multi-caliber silencer.
Given below is our list of in stock Pistons, Pistons may be added to your suppressor order for the price shown with no additional shipping. They also may be purchased separately and ship for a flat rate of $4.99.
$86 — AC24 – .578 X 28 – .45 ACP
$86 — AC25 – .5 X 28 – 9mm
$86 — AC26 – 13.5 X 1LH – 9mm
$86 — AC28 – 16M X 1LH – .45 ACP
$86 — AC31 – 9/16 X 24 – .40 S&W
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